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i'm back

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on December 6, 2008 - 10:09pm

i was poofed from the boards on november 25th---used to be my renewal date, and i don't know what happened, but i wasn't the only one. for a day, i still could access my bookmarked boards page, but then lost that.....haley had responded to me on how to get back on, but i wasn't able to get the message, so i had to wait over the long thanksgiving weekend to post a ticket, and they fixed it up within three days. i still can't get to some places, but i can reach the importants parts, so i'm okay.
all the stories of the UK grobies getting their time with josh is very cool. i'm so happy for all of them, and love the photos and stories. just wish i was there to give josh some california love.
i have most of my christmas shopping to do, but when the kids don't give me their lists, it's kind of hard to buy. my youngest, always up to speed, gave us a list a few weeks back, and we're knocking off items on his list. i'm no one to talk, as i can't seem to put together a list myself. i have some things i'd like to get from QVC---i love their jewelry--the fake stuff. i can't afford the rocks i'd like to own, and besides, i'm one of those types who lose things, and i don't want to be too scared to wear anything if i'm afraid of losing it. but if i lose diamonique, it's no big deal. so, i have three things i want from there, but my husband and one son refuse to shop there, thinking it's stupid. so, i'm like, why should i bother making a list if you won't get me what i ask for???? if they don't want something from QVC, i won't buy it, but if i do, it's no skin off their noses---they just don't want to support the whole premise. it makes me nuts. i don't need anything else, or want much else, so i'm being asked to make up a list of "acceptable" gifts i don't want or need. i think i'll just tell them to donate it to charity if they can't find it in themselves to order from QVC. i will take an itunes or Borders gift card, though---even though we said, "No gift cards" this year. the list seems arbitrary, so the rules may as well be, too.

edit--micah, i love your suggestions!!! i would like an embroidery machine!!!!

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