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on December 8, 2008 - 4:30am

First off - my Alexandra and her momma are back from Maryland and let me tell you I missed that little girl! She's a little darling! She was very happy to be home by her toys and Emma ... Emma was thrilled to see her playmate too! Those girls are more like sisters than cousins. Anyway, it was good to have them home. It's funny because Allie is the spitting image of her father when he was her age, she's a big girl and people think she's far older than she is. In fact she's a little taller than Emma who is six months older. Anyway, I think it's good that she has Emma around all the time because she tries to emulate her and that will mean that she's progressing faster than another child of the same age. And guess what? She's just flippin' adorable!



Next on the agenda ... I was pleasantly surprised when Silly Sally called me yesterday and told me that Ryan was doing MUCH better and that she had to yell at him already! If you have to yell at a kid then they are returning to their normal self. THAT was thrilling to hear, my heart did flips. What would it be like to watch your child fall to the floor and turn blue? No mother should ever have to witness that ... it shatters my heart into little pieces. I'm happy to hear that part of it's nothing but history now and she's gearing up for surgery to fix the broken piece. I also will continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers for His hand to guide the surgeons. I'm not overtly religious but I do believe ... and I surely believe that if it weren't for Him that things could have been and could be much worse. ::big hugs Ryan:: AND Andrew who was put in the basement with a collar on and given a bowl of food -- JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! It's a joke between Sally and I ... hehehehehe!

Lastly - I wish my European Grobie sisters a marvelous time visiting with HRH and MR you'd better get my hug and don't enjoy it toooooooooooo awfully much. Photobucket


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