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Gosh Darn It!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on December 8, 2008 - 8:11pm

For my biology class, my group and I have to do a report on one endangered species. Now we picked the "Leatherhead" because we had no idea what the heck it was. After doing research, we found out that it is also know as a Leatherback sea turtle.

Ok, sounds pretty easy so far, but its not.

My teacher told us a week ago that we only had to do a one page, double spaced summary on the info that we find on our animal. We each had two parts of info so we needed to have to summaries.

Again, sounds easy, or as so I thought.

Well, I go to class today having both my rough drafts ready. But when we get around to start peer editing or summaries, my teacher says that it needs to be in an essay format. You know, the whole Intro, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion format. Well, just as an FYI, A ONE PAGE SUMMARY IS NOT THE SAME AS AN ESSAY!!!!!!!

So now I get to spend my entire night rewriting my summaries so that it meets my teachers standards. Oh what fun I'll have. NOT!!!!!!!!

The funny part about this whole experience is that when I told my mom what I had to do for this project, she said "Why in the world are you doing that for? It's pointless!!"
NO lie. Exact words.

Well, I have to go and work on my Leatherback sea turtle papers, which are of course, due tomorrow.

Have wonderful Josh dreams.


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