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Setting off Alarms

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on December 9, 2008 - 7:16pm

I'm feeling somewhat better. Still struggling with taking deep breaths and it's making me irritable. I've coughed everything lose it feels like.

These steroids keep me up, but I can get some stuff done that way. LOL.

I ran to the mall at lunch today to pick up a DVD Reagan is dying for...Tokio Hotel's Caught on Camera DVD.

I walked in the door of the store and there was a beautiful poster and display greeting me of the band. I let out a little squee because I really think they are adorable too.

I'm still struggling with the bronchitis, so I was barely breathing and miserable when I walked in the door, but I grabbed up a DVD and then I saw the new TH hoodie and I got Reagan one in her size. She will be thrilled to death.

I paid for both things and on the way out I set off the alarm. The girl was right there, so she double checked to make sure I didn't have any security tags on. She ran them by the sensor and they were fine. But when I went through the sensor it went off. I finally said "I promise I didn't take anything!"
She just smiled and waved me through like "No big".

Well that wasn't enough. I'm on my way out of the mall and I take a short cut through Belk which is a pricey department store. As I'm going out the door, that alarm goes off too!!

I have no idea what I had on me to trigger the alarms, but they went off. I pulled an attitude and said "I don't give a Monkey's" and I just kept going!!

I never saw the po po in my rearview, so I guess I'm good.

Reagan and I watched it the second I got home. It was just footage of every day in the life of a German rock band. Very cute stuff. Of course, this wasn't the fan edition, so we didn't get to see some of the good stuff....YET.

Yeah, that's right...yet.

I had to get on Amazon Germany and order the special 2 disc edition fan package of the DVD for Reagan for Christmas. It comes with a special Tshirt and poster along with 2 disc DVD set.

One problem, I don't speak german, so I had to use a translate program in order to understand what I ordered.

I pray the thing comes soon.
There's a part where one of the guys takes his shirt off...and...I have got to see that. ROFL!!

I'm about ready for Christmas. Just a few more things to buy. We put up a live tree this year and decorated it with simple stuff.
I love a simple christmas. Not too many parties to go too.
We went to a program each for the kids.
The only thing you want to do when you get there is wonder when the thing will be over so you can leave.
It's always chaotic and frankly....only your own kid is cute.

So Josh has some new pics out. Very nice. Thank you to my buddy Terri/Obi for sending them to me all nice and cleaned up and BIG.
She's a cool of my favorites on the boards!

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