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Preparing Yesi for the Xmas play

vijaykumar's picture
on December 11, 2008 - 7:37am

This morning all the kids were late to school. The boys wouldn't get up and my daughter has a small part in her school's play and is part of the choir which she is singing a solo part as well. The poor thing was so nervous because she was having trouble hitting a certain note and I had to coach her a little bit while I tried to do something with her hair and put some mineral makeup on her face so she won't look like a corpse up on stage. She has this yellow hue to her skin that would make her look like one of the vampires from Twilight. She looked so good when she walked out of the house that I can see that her confidence was way up!
I know she'll do well....she always gets nervous before a show but then she gets up there and you'd never know it. She absolutely loves performing and I'm so proud of the way she has gone after it. The boys will not be happy about having to sit through it tomorrow night as well....too bad. LOL

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