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on December 14, 2008 - 4:54am

FRIDAY SUCKED. Remember I went to see the ortho doc about my elbow? Well yesterday he sent over a note to Dr. Smith telling him about our visit - I was fine with that except that he described me as a "well developed, well NOURISHED woman" ::does a double take:: WHAT?!?! Now what do you suppose he meant by that? I'll tell you what I thought - I think he's saying I'M FAT!!!!! Oh yeah, that's what he was saying don't you think? Cuz I sure think so. Soooooo in retribution I'm going to show this cheeky bastard who is "well nourished" and turn her into a "very fit" woman by getting on that blessed treadmill every day for an hour. In 4 weeks I should be looking a bit better wouldn't you think? Grrrrrr to him! But I have to thank him in a way because I've been very lax in getting on that treadmill as of late. Now here's a problem; I got on it Friday night and after 35 minutes - almost to the second - the damned thing tripped a fuse and SHUT OFF while I was running! I nearly plowed into the instrument panel!! Frustrated I reset it and kept going and got another 5 minutes out of it before the same thing happened again. WTF??? Here I'm TRYING to do something good for myself and now the treadmill doesn't want to cooperate! OY! Well yesterday the same thing happened again at the same time (I'm sure it's overheating - maybe I shouldn't try to run 90 miles an hour?!) but I figgered out that if I don't go more than 3.9 MPH it won't trip it - but that's not much of a run hahahahahaha! Well I'm going to try something different this morning, I'm going to bring ANOTHER fan downstairs and have it blow on the motor whilst I do my thing and see if that helps. If so then smaller jeans size here I come! In 15 mins I'm getting my BWNA on that treadmill! LOL

The next thing I want to crab about is HRH ... hey, honey, whats up with da blog? I thought you were going to "keep us in the loop" and take us "into the studio" and whatnot?? We've gotten two stinken video blogs and a couple of goofy pics and that's about it. Immi blogs all the time, she takes us into her studio, plays stuff she's workin' on ... Maybe I should have her call you and teach you about "blogging"?? Seriously - I know you're busy hotstuff but hey, we're like your family here hon. We love you, care about you, we're here to pick you up when you fall, we'll kiss your boo-boos ... we couldn't be any more like family if our last names were Groban!!! I love you, I do but give us a break here babe, throw us a bone! You are such a sweetie and are so kind - please have some pity on us who follow you around like lovesick puppies and do a REAL blog - like every couple of days. How long does it take really? Blog to us while you're brushing your teeth or sipping your coffee in the morning - we don't mind bedhead ... right girls?

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