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i need help

lindyjean's picture
on December 17, 2008 - 1:59pm

i can't get on the boards again...been this way since saturday....the instructions they sent me to fix it didn't work, so, i'll wait some more. if i'm one of the winners for the, "a collection" contest, can someone let me know???? just post a comment. i can get to this page, but that's about it. maybe they'll post it on the news page...i can get there, too.....thanks.

edit----hey, micah...i know i'm not the only one in this pickle. when it was fixed last week, haley said others were having the same problem. i got an email today telling me to switch my browser to Firefox, since the fansite isn't compatible with MSN. it's been compatible for the last four years, so, i don't know what to say about that. we cleared out cookies, installed firefox, followed the directions, but i just get the same thing i do with MSN. i have noticed that it takes about three attempts sending a ticket before i get a confirmation email, so if you don't get that confirmation right away, just keep sending tickets....make sure you enter everything, cuz if you don't, the message is small and easily overlooked....i know, cuz i've missed it, and probably most of the blame for their slow response has been mine.
i can deal with not getting my tee shirts and tote bag, but i can't deal with not being able to get on the boards. since there is no presale going on for tickets, there is no other reason to be in the fan club except for the boards, so, i'd like to get SOMETHING for my membership fee.
Good luck to you with your problems, too!!

edit #2---thanks ruth! justin fixed it--well, as much as it was fixed last time...maybe it'll stick til we have renewals, but at least i know who to email directly to get it back next time. for a short time, i couldn't get in this part of the site, either, but it's fixed now.

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