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Hi all!

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on December 18, 2008 - 9:41pm

I so wish I had time to read the Journals but now that I'm back on my laptop, I have a few things to finish writing. Most of the time which I've been on the boards catching up.

How's everyone doing? Staying warm, I hope.
Yesterday, it hit down to 44 degrees here in CALIFORNIA! Again...I say...Josh! You left just before the cold weather started. worries...he'll be home in a few days (4 I think) in Mama's arms.

**Today...Once I walked in to Ralphs, Yvonne was talking about formula and I said, "Josh." She said, "HUH?"! AHAHAHAHA! The store was playing "I'll Be Home For Christmas."
HONESTLY...I can't listen to that song. It makes me very weak and I want to cry. I've listened to it ONCE and that was when I first bought the CD/DVD.

**MY COUSIN HAD A BABY!!! Yesterday morning. It's a baby boy! HE'S HUUUUUGE! :giggle: So my aunt says. I can't wait to see him.

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