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on December 22, 2008 - 8:10am

I know I said it was snowing on Wednesday when I left for work. I live in Palmdale, California. And my city has been on the news a LOT in the past few days. What happened on Wednesday is we kinda had a blizzard...over a foot of snow...and considering I live in the desert...that is a LOT. It also meant that the freeways were closed. We left work early on Wednesday but they closed all roads to my area before we got there. And did not reopen them until the next day. I was frantic. I have of which is a 19 year old cat. My dog was outside...fortunately, my sister-in-law was able to get to my house and get him. Did not make it home until 2:00pm on Thursday. Friday the roads were still treacherous (it was 15 degrees) so I did not make it to work then either. I'm in here today...and it is raining...and we have gale force winds. ROFL it never ends! Now I'm hearing we are going to have snow for Christmas as well. Which is fine since my last work day is the 24th (and that is a half day)...and I will be home by noon!!!.
Looks like I'm the one having the white Christmas Micah...sorry about that.
Stay warm and dry y'all.
Merry Joshmas

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