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Waiting on Santa...

MJKC9397's picture
on December 24, 2008 - 10:32pm

Well, the kids are all nestled, snug in their beds...or something like that, anyway. With all their stuffed animals they keep with them, it's hard to believe there's much room to be comfortable...LOL They went very willingly to bed--they know Santa can't come if they're still awake. However, my 9-year-old...who, to my knowledge, still whole-heartedly believes in Santa...came in here a little bit ago to ask why we were still awake and how could Santa come if we were up. I just told her that it was the same as every other night; we wait up until they're asleep and we know they don't need anything else before we go to bed. What else could I have said??? It might would be very different if I thought she knew otherwise, but this is the kid who almost cried earlier when she messed up decorating the special cookie she made for Santa!

Myself, however? I was ready for bed at 9 o'clock! Growing a baby is hard work on a body as it is, but add the hustle and bustle of the holidays and you feel like you have been kicked in the head by lunch time! LOL I'll live...

Well, it's almost time for Santa to come, so I'd better go. Hope everyone's holidays are wonderful. And I still wish someone would send at least some of that snow this way! ONLY the snow, though...I would rather not go into labor and be in the middle of an ice storm! EEEEK at that THOUGHT alone!!!

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