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Belated Season's Greetings...

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on December 27, 2008 - 9:10am

Happy (belated) holidays, everyone!

I wanted to post before Christmas, but with the first blizzard of the season and preparing for the upcoming holideay, it just wasn't possible. So, I hope everyone had a happy holiday.

Christmas 2008 will definitely be one to remember for me... About a week before Christmas, my dad called to "drop the bomb" per say...

During one of his post-cancer follow-up appointments, his doctor found something on his tongue. The doctor thinks the cancer is back, but doesn't know why. A PET Scan and CAT Scan confirmed something is definitely there. The biopsy is scheduled for 12/30 in the morning.

Christmas eve, I went to Church with my folks and a family friend... As always, the service was nice. Afterwards, we went out for Chinese.

For some reason, this led to an in depth conversation (from Church to the restaurant) about how Chinese restaurants are the only restaurants open on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, because nobody ever really thinks about this, we all found it rather odd.

Christmas Day seemed to be pleasant... Everyone liked what they received and the kids had a blast playing with their new toys...

Then, the unexpected happened. We had all just finished dessert. The dishes had yet to be cleared from the table when my brother-in-law suddenly told the kids to start cleaning up because it was time to go (startling my sister who was by no means ready to go) -- It was only 6:00 pm! So, amongst the bustling around, my nieces, nephew and sister all said their goodbyes (except for my brother-in-law). And as my brother-in-law was herding everyone out the door, he turned to my mom (of all people) and plainly commented, "You could have shown our family a little more compassion" before storming out the door behind everyone else w/out saying goodbye.

Now, what's up with that? Nobody really knows. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and enjoying themselves.

Later that night as we were getting ready to drive my grandfather home, my sister called to talk to my mom... I don't know what she had to say, but I don't think it helped the situation any because my mom refuses to talk about it.

** The only thing I can think of is that my brother-in-law was upset because my mom put the cabash on him and my oldest niece leaving the party to go to a movie (like they always do every Christmas Day in the evening)... It doesn't matter whose house they are at, they always up and leave my sister along with the other guests to go to a movie because it's their so-called "tradition".

Is it too much to ask everyone to stick around for the party? I mean, this may have been the last Christmas with my grandfather (who is in his 90's) and with my dad's cancer possibly being back, who knows what will happen to him in 2009.

Well, I'm glad I made it past Christmas. Let's hope 2009 brings a mild winter and is less eventful than 2008 (I'm not sure if I can take all the so-called "excitement" again).

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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