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i wish there was a "SAD" emoticon

lindyjean's picture
on January 1, 2009 - 2:56pm

my daughter is a recently-certified teacher, but since she finished up in the middle of a school year, she's been subbing and will try for a regular position in summer. she has been working at a bookstore--waldenbooks--at the mall in our town. she loves books, and she loves working there. she found out today that they are closing her store at the end of january. the store is in our sucky, horrible mall, and already, almost half of the storefronts are empty. the mall is being renovated, but it wasn't ugly to begin with, it just had bad stores, and no one wanted to patronize them, so that's why they're all closing up shop. so, the new owners are trying to make it prettier, but they really need to concentrate on getting tenants with goods people want to buy. then it will be a viable shopping destination for shoppers. my daughter's store is especially sad to me, even if she wasn't working there. we have a town of over 100,000 people, and we have two measly new-book stores (one, after hers closes). i have been traveling 35 miles north to the town of 40,000, who has both borders and barnes and noble, because they have books i want, and the little stores didn't. it's very sad to me because my town is such an intellectual wasteland---we have no cultural events, save for a regional theater that is really excellent. this loss of even a small bookstore is just one more strike against the enrichment of our collective minds. i hate it for my daughter's sake, but i hate it on a personal level, too.

i know i could have used the local bookstores more. i could order my books from them and have them delivered, thus giving them the sales. but, i need to scan books, browse thru them to see if they are what i want, and you can't do that without paying for them first. this wasn't to my liking. i didn't like taking the crapshoot. if i didn't like it, i'd have to run it back to the store and get a refund (my daughter does not live with me, so i couldn't just give it to her to do).

so now, one less option for books. one less store with more people out of work. another empty mall storefront where they will fill space by simply posting signs for other stores in the mall. it stinks.

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