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ToniParks's picture
on January 1, 2009 - 6:40pm

You know the saying "Guests are like fish, they both start to smell after 3 days." Well my Brother-In-Laws are on day 4 and will be here for one more. Needless to say, I'm going nuts!!! I have got 2 teenaged boys who can, and do, eat everything that they see! They both are slobs, just like their mom (nicest description of her house is a pig stie). If any one in my family had a house in the shape her's is all the time we would be mortified if people came over. My husband who never cleans up had a trash bag in his hand and was picking up trash off the floor of his mom's house the last time we were there. If it's bad enough that he is cleaning, IT'S BAD!

I do not understand how people can live that way. You can't even find a place to sit down. They go home tomorrow and then they will be busy enough that we wont see them until summer, and hopefully by then we will be moving, and we could use the "slave" labor.

Oh well, thats life and thats In-Laws for you.

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