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Just relaxin'

MJKC9397's picture
on January 3, 2009 - 3:57pm

It's so funny how things turn out things just work out the way you need them to. Last night we invited some friends to come play cards tonight. Right after that, my stepsister texted to see if we'd be home; she wanted to come visit if she got her car out of the shop in time. We figured we'd just add her in and told her to come on. This morning she called to say her car still wasn't fixed so she couldn't make it. I talked to our friends then later on to see if they were still coming and they confirmed. But just a little bit ago, they had to, we're home as a family of 5 again tonight. And the funny thing is, I'm grateful! I've stayed in comfy-clothes all day, didn't fix my hair after I washed it, and didn't put any make-up on. I am good with that! LOL Just this one more day with my family before the New Year really kicks in...worship tomorrow, Craig back to work Monday, and the girls back to school Tuesday...we'll be so busy all over again--not to mention how crazy it's going to be when our new addition makes his arrival!

I guess I'd have to say today's just about being 'Awake' and enjoying being with the people I love most. And I really like that. :)

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