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on January 3, 2009 - 10:16pm

Happy New Year everyone.
Here we are...the beginning of a new year. Have a birthday coming up...can't say I'm happy about that!!! Well, the birthday part is actually's just the getting older part I really don't like. LOL
Joining all of you here at FOJG was the hi-light of 2008 for me. Wonderful people...wonderful new friends. The Christmas Card Exchange was wonderful. You people are talented!!!! Going to have to work on my "crafty skills" for the next one that's for sure. Our Joshua has grown into such a handsome man and a wonderful human being. I'm so proud of him and he's such a great role model (that is hard to find in this day and age). Jack and Lindy sure knew how to raise their boys right.
Wishing all of you health, happiness, and prosperity for 2009.
Love you all

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