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Meanwhile...George Strait song in my head.

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on January 4, 2009 - 9:41pm

Well I definitely feel a lot better. I think I got a lot of "odds and ends" of packing my stuff this weekend. Looking between my two rooms I don't feel as much of the "look at all I have to do still" anymore. I bought a microwave this weekend! I move on the 17th and all I want the parental unit to buy me is a full size bed. I'll be sitting on that for who knows how long until I buy a couch and some chairs. I saw some at a Goodwill this weekend that I would be up for buying and then using a slipcover over it but my question is does Goodwill deliver? That may sound stupid, I mean I know they'll pick up stuff for you but obviously I can't get a couch home by myself so it would have to be delivered I just wasn't sure if that's something they do or not? I'm just so glad I got all this stuff done ahead of time. I am ready for this. I will miss the doggies and I know they will miss me. I'm the one who gives them that extra bit whether it's making sure their water bowls are filled or making sure my sister sews Rosie's toys when one of them gets a big hole. I've told them I'm taking custody of the doggies on weekends :) I definitely don't want to wait too long to get a dog of my own just so I won't be completely alone. I hope to stay in this place for two years at least (depending on what rent goes up to next year) as I really hate having to pack everything and then of course the next move will be even harder if I've got things like a kitchen table, couch, etc that I don't have now. This time we can get away without having to rent a truck I think. Oh, and I replaced my windshield wipers this weekend too! I'd never had to do it before so it took me longer than I was hoping it would even though looking back after the fact it's quite easy, I just didn't quite understand.

I see Kellie Pickler (of American Idol fame) this weekend and I've got a front row seat :) I sent an email to the person who is in charge of meet and greets for her but I haven't heard anything yet and wasn't really expecting to til this week so we shall see. If we can just keep any iffy weather at bay until after Friday that'd be great.

I have a lot of new books that I bought recently and were given to me for Christmas too and I cleared some space on my shelf for when I'm unpacking by putting a few books that I bought and liked well enough but am okay with parting with in our pile of stuff to take to Goodwill. I think what I'll do now is get in my pj's (my grandma made me some new ones for Christmas!) and maybe some hot chocolate and finish my season 7 of golden girls dvd. I think watching today while packing was one of my favorite episdoes and I hadn't even seen it before. Rose had talked Blanche and Dorothy into being on the show she produces and they were doing a piece on women living together and so everyone thought Blanche and Dorothy were lesbians. :) Hehe...the clothes in the show are just so awful. Eesh...the 80's and early 90's oh desar :) For some reason I always thought the show was earlier 90's but now I see how much the 80's influenced it... :) Anywhoo, another work week begins tomorrow. Have a good one!

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