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on January 5, 2009 - 7:08am

It is so quiet around the house today. My husband is back to work after the holiday, my son is back to school after winter break and my 6month old puppy Max is being neutered today.
It is just me and the older dog.
Work was really, really busy yesterday. I didn't get to have anything to eat until 3pm (breakfast was at 5am). After I sent a patient to emergency surgery and transfered my other patient to our stepdown unit, they wanted to give me an admit from the ER. I told them I needed 20minutes to eat and use the restroom. Of course, while I was eating I was doing my charting on the computer. Shortly after I got my new patient settled, the OR called and was bringing my other patient up after surgery (no recovery room as she was on a respirator)and this all happened near the end of my 12 hour shift. Well, anyway I got out of work about 2.5 hours late, which is unusal for me. This means I got home at 10pm and it took me hours to unwind (at least I got a beanie crocheted for CWL). What a day!!
Well, I guess I had better get busy with my laundry and dishes. Hope to get some more done on my CWL (Covered with Love) projects while I do the laundry.
Hope every one has a nice day!

Edit: wrote this about 9am so don't understnd the time thing. And yes, I am in CST.

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