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on January 5, 2009 - 10:38am

The laundry's piling needs to be washed and the ironing done... I still have some unfinished projects I'm dying to get to, and I would like to just play with the girls since it's their last day out of school for Christmas break... AND I need to start sewing again to make money to help pay some bills this month... It's always tough for me to decide when there are so many things looking back at me that need to get done.

I think I may do some of the laundry anyway, but I can't see spending all my time with chores when the girls could use my time with them...the rest will be there when they're back in school.

I'll check in later & fill in how the day works out! Hope everyone has a Happy Monday!

EDIT: Well, we decided to.....just be LAZY all day!!! hahaha Riley didn't even get out of her pj's until she changed into clean ones after her shower! We laid around the living room, just watching t.v. For a rainy day, it was kinda nice! Then, I got up and fixed a big supper, did a bunch of laundry, some ironing, and the dishes... Colette (FlippedOverJosh02) suggested maybe I'm nesting... I have one question about that--aren't you supposed to get a burst of energy with that urge??? LOL If that's the case, I was robbed!!!! hahaha

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