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Learned my lesson

lfranklin's picture
on January 6, 2009 - 5:59am

Thank goodness for alarms. I just woke up from what could arguably be the weirdest dream I can recall. Too much sugar + too late at night = tired, wacky brain.

I dreamt that Josh Groban was getting married to a bearded woman and it was all over the news everywhere. Absolutely unavoidable. During all the fallout they released the next year of FOJG which came with an access code to a "special" welcome video. Turns out the video was from Josh laughing cause the whole bearded woman thing was a joke. It was supposed to be a quiet little prank his brother put him up to that got blown way out of proportion.

...yeah. I need more sleep... and perhaps psychiatric help. Will settle for skating.

Have a Joshin' one all!

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