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Mii Josh

vijaykumar's picture
on January 7, 2009 - 2:24pm

So I finally got a turn on the Wii last night. I had a blast! I made my own, personal Mii that kind of looks like Josh. It was fun to watch him golf and kick butt at baseball! the only problem is they didn't really have his hair style. Bummer! I think I'll try to do another one that looks a little more like him. Maybe he should come and model for me!
I had quite the night around here last night. Chris finally had his surgery and his hand is all wrapped up. The Dr. said they had to go longer than usual with the incision. He was here as soon as he got home to see if I'd go and let the dogs out. About two hours after he called and asked if I could go over and help him. I was hoping it wasn't to help shower or change clothes. Poor guy couldn't even open a pill bottle. Went back later to let the "kids" out and helped him get things situated for this morning. He called at 5 and Max needed to go potty, but by the time I got there he had already tried to let them out, one was a success and the other one ran up the street. Went back before I left for work and let them out again. He called this afternoon and his pain meds are making him vomit and he couldn't get a hold of the Dr. When you take those nasty narcotics try eating something, don't take on an empty stomach. He was going to try that this afternoon and we'll see how things go. I feel for him because he is a AA++ personality ( just like me) and waiting for someone else to do something just isn't in the cards for us!
Hope you all have a wonderful night. I am going to stained glass class.

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