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Uh Oh....

RuthLM's picture
on January 8, 2009 - 8:54am

I was vacuuming today and I found a small doggie pee spot on my husband's oriental rug under the dining room table. If my husband finds out he will kill me ( or the dog) so I don't plan to tell him. It was a small spot so, I have cleaned it to the best of my ablility and am going to suggest we roll it up for a while until Max is over this phase of marking and surgery recovery ( he was neutered on Monday).
I also found several other spots vacuuming today but they were so faint I hadn't seen them before, so my husband will be cleaning the rugs tonight ( we have a rug cleaner that we bought years ago).
I plan to replace the carpets with wood floors later so I don't worry about them so much.
Well, I found another couple of spots so I had to call and tell my
husband about them and that I tried to clean them (if the nap on the rug is a certain way they don't look bad). We haven't had that rug cleaned ever so I told him he needed to find one (that way he will be satisfied) and have it cleaned.

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