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A New Year

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on January 8, 2009 - 5:40pm

Hi Everybody! Sorry, I took a break and focused on the kids, family, and friends during the holidays. I'm back though and I'm praying and hoping for bright new year.

I started to get sick on Christmas Day and I'm still sick. I spent New Year's Eve in bed, alone with a box of tissues, some herbal tea and a good book with me. I sent the kids and husband off to the annual party at his mom's house and got the rest I needed. At 12 midnight my husband called me to say happy new year and I was sipping ginger ale as my bubbly! :)

Christmas Day was great! It never gets old seeing my kids' faces when they open their presents. Timmy just about popped a vein when he saw that he got exactly what he asked for--a Star Wars ATTE! It was a bitter-sweet day for my daughter, though. After the joy of receiving her presents she went to feed her fish and 2 hermit crabs she keeps in her bedroom only to find that her favorite hermit crab called Batman had died. Yes, we had a prayer and a buriel that poor girl. Days later her other hermit crab died as well. He's now buried next to Batman. Daddy went out and got her another crab with a bigger tank, a hermit hut so he could hide and branches so he could climb onto. Yesenia's happier now but keeps reminding me that hermit crabs are social creatures and we need to buy him at least one friend! Here we go.......LOL

My teenager, Stephen, was happy that he received money and iTunes cards from the family but he missed having actual presents he could open. The poor guy is now realizing that he's crossing over to the adult side of Christmas. I explained to him that this is his opportunity to be the one to give presents and to my surprise he actually likes the idea.
My husband is so happy with getting Rock Band 2 because we can play together as a family and it's loads of fun!

I received an iPod and I love it! I am not into technology at all but this I really love. Having all my albums on this little thing blows my mind. Of course, I've got all of Josh's albums on there!

Well, I'm wrapping up for the night so, Good Night everyone!

Sweet Josh Dreams

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