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Give Him a Break....

RuthLM's picture
on January 9, 2009 - 6:46am

I too love getting blogs from Josh, especially video blogs, and I miss him when he can't but I say let's give him a break. There aren't many entertainers that are as accomadating with their fans. I have not yet been so lucky as to have a personal face-to-face interaction as many of you have but from the boards it sounds like he really tries to interact with his fans with photos, hugs, autographs and from what I can tell even some of his curls.
And I heard in some interviews that he really likes his fans and the fact that they respect his private space ( I applaud his ability to remain under the radar of the paparazzi). Plus he is a busy man trying to build up his fan base in other parts of the world as well as keeping his name out there in the public eye.
So JOSH, we miss you but I am glad you had the opportunity to have a nice break from your busy schedule. I'll just keep checking and watching for your video blog patiently.

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