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on January 9, 2009 - 6:44pm

I went for my first ever pedicure yesterday. I had the day to myself and decided to treat ME. So I go to this salon I usually get my nails done at. I'm so self conscious about my feet. Size 10.....yada yada.....yuck.

Anyway the little dude gives me this menu to pick from. I couldn't really understand him that much, but he mentioned something about a chocolate pedicure.....exfoliate....remove dead skin.....smells like smooth and silky.

I said "Ok, sure, sounds great." So I stick my feet in this water with jets and sit back in this chair that massages your back and vibrates. I looked like Lucille Ball trying to work the chair. It started vibrating me forward so bad, I held my chest. It was hilarious!! I finally found the right setting.

Anyway, this poor guy. He should have charged me extra money just to remove dead skin. I'm on my feet all day 4 days a week. He sits down with this tray of all these different color lotions and stuff. He even had this candle that he burned and dripped the oil over my feet. was cool.
He wrapped these hot towels around my legs after he put this white chocolate thick stuff over them.

When he was done I had these smooth legs...up to my knee and pretty french manicured feet. But....still a size 10.

The experience would have been even more awesome if the dude doing the pedicure was a little more handsome. I take that back, I would have been embarrassed for him to touch my feet. Nevermind.
It's ok that an ugly dude touched my feet though. ?? What does that say about me? Hmmm.

I time I will put my headphones in and listen to Josh sing to me.

I've been going around the house with bare feet freezing to death because my feet are so pretty now and I want to show them off to my family, who are all gone at the moment...and kitty. He just walks away everytime I put my foot in his face.

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