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quick update

Boadicia's picture
on January 9, 2009 - 7:24pm

Just a quick update on my foster. the greyhound Pets of America foster coordinator took him in. He is still kind of limping sometimes and noone can pinpoint whats up so he will need more work, more vet visits, so we dont want a family to adopt and then have to pay all those bills. And he has been with me for nearly 3 months and getting too comfy. its not good to have them stay at a foster home for so long, then they have a harder time adjusting to a permanant home. So, we said good bye to him tonight and Im kind of releived. my house is sooooo small, we were tripping over each other and now my little diva Angie can get some real me time! Otherwise, cold winter, still have my job! furnace still works~ gotta love that!

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