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Hey all...

vijaykumar's picture
on January 10, 2009 - 5:36am

I have some news...all good!!

First, I would like to thank you all for your sweet're wonderful people!! And JG is lucky to have you for fans...though he already knows that!! :-)

Second, My guy surprised me yesterday had reserved / purchased two tickets for a world cruise quite some time ago...I never knew about it...I almost passed out...we are leaving...well, soon, haha...guess time to pack & get ready...we have lots of 'port of calls' god, I'm soooo excited. I totally and completely love him!! If I am not posting on the journal'll know why...I'm turning into a fish, haha!! Which basically more working for guy is well to do...and I love working & all...but uh...rather do the, too, now, it is OUR time...that's what he told me, haha!! So I gave work my notice...I'm only part I only gave *gasp* a few days...which works to totally solve all my guy problems there...haha. I'm soooo excited!!

Third, when my FOJG membership expires as of 5/31/09...I will not be renewing, not because I can't financially afford it, but because I have another obligation coming the near future....woohoo!!

Fourth, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and I hope you accomplish all that you desire in your lives. *God bless*

Fifth, it's always been about the music, and it will continue to be!!

L :-)

EDITED to add: Hey Shirley...thank'll be missed too. We leave this month...soon...and come back around's a world cruise...lots of port of calls...I have to check out the itinerary...then I'll post some port of calls here. Ruth...I don't have a problem with that...haha!!

EDITED TO ADD: Hi Shirley, Just peeked at our itinerary...lots of port of calls...days at sea...but here are some locations, so you get an idea where we are going...Honolulu, Port Vila, Melbourne, Komodo Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, Cape Town, and Port of Spain. I'm very happy that I do not get sea sick...haha.

I just started packing...I have about a week before we, I'm saying BYE now...take care of yourself...and it has been a pleasure conversing with you. Best to you :-)

EDITED 1/15/09: Hi Flipped: Nope, I'm not kidding...I'm serious...we really are going. I'm still pinching myself...haha. I'm an overall happy person...and alot of things work out for me often, but not because I'm all that lucky...more because I work super hard to make it work out...which can be exhausting at times...but the outcome is worth it, in the end. Plus, I don't let negative energy control my life...only the positive...if negative works its way in...I might shuffle it around a bit...put it where it belongs...and then leave it there. It's just my outlook...but again, I'm not all that lucky...believe me, my relationship with my guy took work to get where it is today...once the 'honeymoon effect' wore off, haha!! Best to you always!!

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