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no joshua for a whole month.

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on January 10, 2009 - 12:42pm

so, you know how i was getting sick? well....i believe it's just a virus.....because i was throwing up all morning. i was supposed to work (i work at a coffee shop) at 6:30 this morning....but obviously i couldn't. grr. oh well.

but anyhow, i listen to A LOT of music. like, all the time. so i decided that i would not listen to josh for the month of january, so that when february comes around, in time for my birthday (and his, of course) and everything else that february brings, i will be able to listen to his sweet voice again, and that it will be sweeter that ever, since it will have been a while since i listened to it :)

my sister called today, she left a week ago for vietnam. she is there for a month for a photography trip with her school. they've been backpacking, and her teacher, who is the chaperone/leader had a cut on her foot, and when they walked through a rice field, some bacteria got into her cut and she has a foot infection. so, my sister and her friend evan, who are both seniors, have had to lead the group. haha, so my sister went as a student but now she is the one in charge. but, since they were backpacking, they had to leave some of their stuff in another city in vietnam, so she had to leave her computer and everything, so she hasn't been able to talk to us on skype. but, she bought a sim card in vietnam for about 10 dollars, so she could call us. there's a few more days before they are going back to the city that has all their stuff, so hopefully she will not run out of room on her memory cards.

i just hope that i get better by monday, because my sister is a dance teacher, and while she is away i've had to teach some of her classes. and i'm the only one who is advanced enough in the studio to teach her i really hope i feel better by then!

happy new year everyone!

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