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bring on the awards shows!

lindyjean's picture
on January 10, 2009 - 10:32pm

all this week, i've been going to the movies to see films that are likely going to be nominated for oscars. i first saw, "Doubt" last week. this is the weakest of the four films i've seen. It's still good---can Meryl Streep do a bad film??? i think not. then, we saw, "Milk", which is so very good. Then, "benjamin button" which was sweet and touching. and today we saw, "slumdog millionaire", which may be my favorite. it certainly pulled at my heart from so many directions, and had a satisfying ending. i hate movies that don't--either they just fall flat, or they set themselves up for a sequel, and that's almost never a good way to end. but all of these movies are good, and worthy of nominations. My HOG is choosing, "the dark knight" for a best picture nod, but honestly, i didn't care so much for the movie, just heath ledger's performance, which was amazing. the guy was just drop-dead creepy, and still managed to be funny and pitiful. but the movie itself lacked in storyline, pathos and heart, i thought.

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