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what do i do!

oakley08's picture
on January 11, 2009 - 2:10pm

Well it was a really good nite last nite with easily 25,000 people at the ending of the capital of culture year. The fire works where fantastic and it brought a close to a very good year for my home city. Went to the vets too, one of our rabbits is nearly a fatty lol! But my vet wants to operate on my little piggie to remove what ever is on her back so he can find out what it is. I will go ahead but everyone else is saying to leave her as she is, she is happy and active, my mums saying "if its broke dont fix it", my husband is woried to put her thru it incase its nothing and its expensive at £235 which was an estimate, my dad called me stupid for thinking of doing it because its alot, but i dont care what the cost is, i will still pay. I dont want to leave her incase its bad, but i see other peoples point but im really torn and feel i need to do something while i can. Its very frustrated that no one is taking my side on the matter and that they dont seem as bothered! Am i being selfish, hasty? arrgghhh its a nightmare!

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