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tahooey with the full moon

MJKC9397's picture
on January 11, 2009 - 3:46pm

Okay, you'd think I'd learn. After 3 kids, you'd think I would realize that a full moon doesn't have ANYTHING to do with me going into labor. Instead, I get ANOTHER stupid virus of some sort...complete with a sore throat and everything...grrrrr So, instead of trying to aid in my health and the progression of the l&d process by walking or whatever, I get to just lay around. Again. So, thinking, well, I need my rest so I might as well sleep, I doze off on the couch while hubby watches the football game. Only to be interrupted not by my kids, but by the phone ringing. I tell my friend I'm sleeping--she says she's doing the same. What? I asked her...did she call me in her sleep!?! So then, feeling so cruddy, I lay back down and Craig and the girls leave for church. THE PHONE RINGS AGAIN! The same friend calls again! Now, I'm very thankful for my friends, but she knew I was trying to rest!!!! What gives? She didn't even have anything to call for...

Okay, I'll quit ranting. Besides, I'm starting to cough and it's difficult to keep my fingers on the right keys!

Hope everyone has a better night than I'm having!!! ;)

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