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I'M SO SAD.....

RuthLM's picture
on January 14, 2009 - 8:33am

I am so sad that I will miss two things on Sun 1/18...our community celebration for our state champion varsity football team and Josh at the inauguration kickoff. Guess I will have to youtube both of them and hopefully they will both be there.

Unfortunately my 83yr old Dad is having to have a toe amputated today because of an infection. He lives in Maine at a long term care facility ( my 2 brothers live there as well). I will call tonight to check on him as it was only day surgery. My niece is so concerned that he won't make it until her wedding in Sept. of this year.

Thank goodness my puppy can usually put a smile on my face ( by the way, he is doing better at potty training and has recovered quite well from his "operation"). Lately, he has become quite fond of climbing into my lap when I am crocheting for Covered with Love.

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