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The Day After

EggyPa14's picture
on January 16, 2009 - 5:02pm

So today I went and visited my mom. It was just me. She is doing better now, but is still in pain thankfully it’s not a constant pain. She was able to get out of the bed and sit in a chair. She mostly slept the whole time but then would wake up and giggle then fall back asleep. She was surprised that I was there, and kept telling me that I should be out having fun instead of being there. She has to have a breathing mask on her face that pushes oxygen into her lungs. And when it blows the air and she smiles, it makes a farting noise and she starts laughing and then that makes her stomach hurt its like a cycle. But she still does it. As for me I feel a lot better today I had off from work and got to sit with her for a while. It just sucks cuz I feel like I should be stronger becuz this is like her 6th surgery in her life. But it’s still scary that something bad could happen. But I guess everyone just has those bad days and needs to cry… that’s all for now

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