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I feel horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on January 16, 2009 - 11:20pm

OK so I decided not to go to my friends 17th birthday celebration because me and her aren't really close friends anymore. And earlier tonight my parents were yelling at me because I didn't go but they don't know that were not as close anymore as they still think we are. So now i feel bad because I missed her birthday. Though, I did buy here a really funny birthday card.

My sister, myself and Liz all used to be really close good friends, but a few months ago, I stopped hanging out with them because I felt like i was being excluded from them because we didn't like the same things. They liked to go on face book and write on peoples walls and I didn't like doing that. All they wanted to do was play Halo 3 for hours and talk to random, older guys, which is really weird. And what is worse, is that they always made, and still make, fun of me for liking Josh and having a membership to FOJG. AND There is noooooo way that I'm going to not like josh because of two people, and because josh is the most amazing, wonderfully fantastic singer in the universe.

All of the above are the reasons that led to our close friendship ending and why I didn't go over to her house and have cake. I don't know if I should feel bad, but I do, or if i shouldn't feel anything at all.

If you have any idea what I should be feeling please let me know because I'm lost.

Now I'm off to watch a movie cause I want to and we have another 3 days off. (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

Have Joshy dreams.


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