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am I totally unreasonable, other mom's help

vijaykumar's picture
on January 17, 2009 - 11:23am

I am wondering if some mom's can help me out. My almost 8 year old thinks I am totally unreasonable. (those are her words, she's far too articulate for her age). She is so mad at me right now because I won't let her spend the night at a friends house tonight. Here's why. The friend just came back from being in foster care for 5 months. The reason, neglect and a domestic incident. these girls weren't taken care of for their entire life, now ages 5 and 7. They would come to us when they got hurt or didn't have food, eventually they went to Chris when we weren't home and he'd feed them. I tried to explain to her that the parents have to gain trust and prove to me that they can take care of the kids before I allow her to stay there. It took 6 squad cars and police to get the mom out of the house when they had the domestic issue, she was intoxicated and I have a hard time believing that they can change just like that. Am I being totally unreasonable here? She can play with the girls. help, how long until you would let her stay there? (I really feel like never is too soon).
Feed back is good, please =)

Thanks for the words. I knew I was right, but it is always good to hear from others. I am trying to fight off what I think is a cold. The sore throat started after the stained glass class and I hope it isn't from grinding all that glass and getting the dust in my throat. When I set up my shop I am going to get a good filter mask for ginding.

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