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on January 19, 2009 - 12:33pm

Okay … tell me why – just explain to me why adults … grown people have to beat up on little children? I can’t for the life of me figure it out! What is that babies – infants, toddlers do that incites an adult to such violence that they kill the poor, innocent little thing?! Now I’ve been mad at not only my children before but their children as well – who doesn’t get angry when things go awry? Do these people feel really big and bad when they are pummeling an infant to death or when they throw kids against the wall? Like I said before I’ve been angry but never once did I think about shaking a child or punching him/her. It’s strange. I don’t get it. I’d like to share with you these two stories in the news here in Chicago just today … the first one broke my heart, broke me right into multiple pieces and I don’t know how I’m going to get over it:

In his last moments of life, 16-month-old Benjamin Kingan picked up his blanket and crawled to a chair police later said was his "comfort zone."
It should have been a place where Benjamin would be safe, but police say the woman assigned to care for him at a Lincolnshire day care center, has admitted she killed the little boy by throwing him on the ground on Wednesday.
Lincolnshire police investigator Adam Hyde said after the incident, Benjamin picked up his blanket and his pacifier and went to his favorite bouncy chair, where he was found cuddled up and unresponsive less than half-an-hour later.
Police said the Minee-Subee Day Care Center in Lincolnshire was licensed and had a spotless record.
But they said 22-year-old Melissa Calusinski, an employee at the center, has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on $5 million bond.
"It is even more tragic than we originally thought," Lincolnshire Police Chief Randy Melvin told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Our initial investigation seemed to indicate that it was natural causes, or possibly something congenital. Further investigation revealed...the infant had suffered a severe fracture to the top of the head."

Calusinksi, a teachers' aide, reportedly told police she slammed the child on the ground after having "issues" with the children in the room.
Police said there were seven other toddlers and another adult in the room at the time of the incident. Staff members tried CPR before paramedics arrived. The boy later died at the hospital.
Visitation will be held from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Kolssak Funeral Home at 189 S. Milwaukee Ave. in Wheeling, the Sun-Times reported.
The funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the funeral home.

Then I ran across this one: (as if the first one wasn’t enough)

A pregnant Humboldt Park woman is accused of throwing her 4-month-old daughter against a bedroom wall during an argument with the infant's father and beating her other daughter with a hangar, Chicago police said this morning.
Rosemary Smith, 31, has been charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of endangering the life of a child, all felonies. Court records show she has prior convictions for similar offenses.

On Friday, the baby was lying in a car seat in a bedroom, police said. As Smith argued with the girl's father, she allegedly picked up the car seat and threw it into a wall.
"Smith then picked up the car seat and shook it vigorously, causing bruises to the victim," police said in a statement.
Her 7-year-old daughter also suffered bruises when Smith hit her numerous times with a hangar, police said.
Police could not comment on the severity of either children's injuries this morning or their conditions.
Smith was convicted in a 2007 case in which she was charged with domestic battery and endangering the life of a child, both misdemeanors, according to the court records. She was sentenced to 18 months conditional discharge, required to enter a parenting program and pay $395 in fines.

And that one is PREGNANT. I honestly am depressed over this. I … I just don’t understand the thought processes here … why continue to have children when you are a danger to the ones you already have? And people wonder why kids grow up to be serial killers …

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