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hi josh groban fans!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on January 23, 2009 - 6:28pm

Hi everyone. My name's Fefe. I'm almost 15. I'll turn 15 on 2/2. This is so awsome to be apart of this wonderful fan club. I love Josh Groban!!!!!! This is my first journal to the world. I feel so open. This week was tough for me. I hope you guys read ny profile. I came up with a poem about Josh. Here it is."All alone,no one to talk to,nobody knows what she's going through. She comes home every night thinking that she does not have a friend, she thought it was the end. She fell asleep so fast,it felt like a blast. She dreamed of an angel singing her to sleep,she woke up and she did'nt feel like a black sheep. Light and sun in every step she takes, with every smile,her heart awakes. All is quite and no one hear,she feels the angel coming near.Frightened and crying,she hides,He appears and the sadness subsides. He asks "dear child,why do you cry",she sighs and replies "I'm sorry I ran away from you".He gave her a kiss and away He flew. His last words were "whenever you need me,dream and see". She went home with a smile on her face,there was love in every space. Weak and tired,she fell asleep,she woke up hearing the VOICE OF AN ANGEL". It's called Voice of an Angel". By: Fefe. Dedicated to: Josh Groban. I'll see you guys later. God bless you. P.S. I'm not French. And my name is not Fefe. It's Ann.See ya! God bless.

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