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Mall Cop

Nessa7's picture
on January 25, 2009 - 5:14pm

Yesterday, I went out (finally) with Yvonne and 2 other friends. We watched the movie Mall Cop and it's hilarious! It makes you laugh from the beginning to end. LOVED IT! After, we went to eat dinner at Chili's. Boy! The conversations that we come up with.

Anyways, today after I got in at work, I saw the schedule my boss posted up. The schedule for this passing week. I WAS SUPPOSE TO WORK YESTERDAY!!! UGH! The last shedule I saw, was LAST Sunday, and since he hadn't changed it I thought I was only working today. NOPE! He has the intellegence to update the work schedule and NOT call me. I don't go in the whole week because I'm at school, how was I suppose to know. Atleast, he didn't call me getting mad at me. I guess he figured out ALL BY HIMSELF that he should have called me to let me know.

So, when's our date, Josh?

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