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Love my mom

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on January 27, 2009 - 9:52pm

1/27/09 Tuesday 11:50 pm

Well, here we go again! Ice storm! There was a high of 80 on Thursday and a high of 79 on Friday. Right now it’s below freezing and dropping. We’ve got freezing rain that going to turn into sleet. I left work an hour early today and will probably be late going into the office tomorrow morning.

I hadn’t written in a while. I hadn’t felt like it because of what was going on with my mom. She misplaced some money in her purse and I looked and found it for her. Unfortunately, she was sure I’d taken it and replaced it when it wasn’t where she thought she’d put it. I know that her thinking isn’t very good at times but it really hurt me. She wouldn’t believe that she had put it where I’d found it. Her comment to me was, “I don’t know which is worse, not trusting you or getting senile.” My reply to her was, “Not trusting me.”

I spent half an hour discussing it with her. She finally accepted that, after all the years I’ve had access to my parents’ money, I wasn’t about to start stealing it now. I know it hurts her to realize her mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be and that her memory is faulty. She understands that I love her and will continue taking care of her.

God bless us, everyone!

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