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on January 29, 2009 - 2:49am

Hello all,
I can't believe I'm still up!!
Well, yes I can sort of. My long time girlfriend Kathy left about 20 minutes ago. She was here for 5 1/2 hours. She needed to talk. She's missing her mother ( her funeral was last Friday). I can totally relate to her so I couldn't turn her away. Anyway we started talking about our high school days. BIG MISTAKE!!!! It brought back some extremely horrible memories that I didn't want to remember. So here I am not able to sleep. I feel like I'm being haunted by those memories now. I've tried listening to Josh, work on updating my clientele book for work and planning my day. NOTHINGS WORKING!!!! NOT EVEN JOSH! So sad. Well, I can't expect Josh to work miracles for me all the time. Right? I guess I'll crawl into bed and play some bubble burst in hopes that I'll get tired enough to get some sleep. Maybe I should just stay up and fix Dave some breakfast. He's up in another 15 minutes's 3:45 am Yeap, I'll do that.

I hope that everyone will have a Joshulous day.


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