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After the Ice Storm...

RuthLM's picture
on January 29, 2009 - 6:22am

Well, everyone went back to school and work after being off a day for the ice storm here in North Texas. Now it is foggy with a little ice ( if it melted and didn't evaporate it refroze overnight when it got below freezing again).

Well, my built in oven died a couple of days ago so I have to go out and take a look around for a new one. I have been using the toaster oven for simple things and it has actually worked out quite well. There are only the three of us to cook for so it's ok.

From there it is off to Walmart to get some things to make dips for Super Bowl Sunday snacks at work. Plus, I have heard ( from a cashier who checked me out on Monday) that they are closing the yarn dept. ( not sure if it is just this one store or company wide) but I am going to stock up so I can continue with my CWL projects. I'll just pack the yarn away in a box.

Had the parent mtg for the school Hawaii trip. Unfortunately we are not on a chartered flight AND we have to bring my son's instrument... I hope the airlines is careful with his double bass (it was expensive and we bought it with the money his grandmother left when she died).

Not much else going on for me...

Have a great Josh day!!!


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