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I'm very confused

EggyPa14's picture
on January 29, 2009 - 8:10pm

So I logged on today and saw the message about the live chat and flipped out that I missed it.... but then I was like they couldn't have just put it up on the same day that he was gonna do it right??? Then I realized that if it's on Friday then I'm working and still will miss it but then maybe that’s what they want only a few ppl to log on cuz the rest will be working lol. And if I knew for sure it was tomorrow (Friday) then I might just get so sick I can't go to work lol. So.... now my head is spinning haha.
I took my mom to the doctors for her post-surgery appointment and he said that she is looking good it’s just taking a long time to heal but that’s its nothing to worry about. So that was good news.
OOOOOOOO I got to go out yesterday....YAY.... lol I went out with my friend Chris and listen to him complain about this girl he likes but she’s dating another guy who treats her bad and blah blah blah. I will say it was better hearing that then what I've been going through. We walked the mall and talked and we walked for like 2 hours so we got a lot of exercise. That’s the next thing to start doing. I wanna lose about 40lbs before August when I go to Vegas. I've lost about 10lbs so far doing really nothing but watching what I eat so if I start going to a gym or something I hope I’ll lose it.
And while I was at the mall I had a gift card for Bath and Body Works for $10 and I though ooo well I’ll get like one thing but I hit their like after Christmas sale and got $36 worth of stuff for $10 something. So maybe as I contemplate if I’m gonna be sick tomorrow haha j/k , I’ll go use my new bubble bath and relax. Have a good night and if he does do the chat tomorrow let me know all the details :)

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