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Finally... a date and a time :)

becca's picture
on January 30, 2009 - 8:37am

I'm glad someone bothered to put that info about the live chat up !!! I missed it the first time when I logged in, it kind of blends in with the Valentines shirt & cup picture.

Now, I'm thinking- oh crap, will I be able to even log on ???????

BUGGER-BUGGER-BUGGER !!! (use your pirate voice,like "Jack Sparrow").YES.. I have seen the movies- I LOVE Hans Zimmer's musical compositions from them, not the movies so much, they're ok. I lived in Santa Barbara my junior & senior year,plus various areas around LA when I was a kid-I've been to D-land more times than I can count & that was one of my favorite rides. We used to always go to that resturant in there too,Blue Bayou or something, those were the years !!

I sure hope I can at least watch & listen to this chat, I don't need to ask any questions- mine are most likley going to be asked by various people.


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