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Josh's Live Chat...

RuthLM's picture
on January 30, 2009 - 1:31pm

Can't believe Josh answered one on my comments on the live chat!... told him to call me if he needed a nurse for his next tour. Well, I'm not sure how he took it...he kind of made a little face and said thanks Ruth.

Initially I was so surprised he commented to that one, and especially one of mine, since I had mentioned the support of the troops several times, making a tour of troop sites, etc. that I was having a hot flash. Then was a little disappointed with his response.. not sure what I expected him to say though.

Then I thought to myself, if this is how you are taking the response maybe I am taking this all WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!

If he only knew that I am not star struck as I am old enough to be his Mom and have been a nurse for over thirty years maybe he would have taken it as it was a light hearted comment.

Well, I will watch the next one and see how it goes. Unfortunately, not much prep was put into this one ( he got up thirty minutes before he arrived, he was late and no one seemed to know how to work the equipment) so hopefully the next one will be smoother.

And on that note, I need to go get ready to take my son, whose temp is now 102, to a doc in the box for pediatrics that was recommended by our pediatrician.

Take care and think of me as I work this weekend at the hospital.


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