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Next time

Nessa7's picture
on January 30, 2009 - 3:21pm

So, the chat was fun and funny! He didn't get to all the chat rooms (8) including the one I was in (4). Still, I loved it!

YESTERDAY! I went to go see Spoonful play in Sherman Oaks. Tariqh, Craig and Daniel. The band members. THEY ARE SOO FARKIN' AMAZING!!! I've always known that, but I was so close to them that I actually saw them play and every detail. Down from Tariqh's flicking fingers on the strings to the drinking. AHAHAHA!!
The place was small and crowded. So, I was literally rubbing elbows with incredible musicians. Zachary, Tim, Mark and Andre were there. Heather Waters, Craig's talented wife was there and sang a song. Other musicians were there, too. Kristin, Tariqh's wife is so awesome! When she saw me she gave me the biggest hug and smooch! We've talked before but didn't meet until last night! APPARENTLY, The BAND knows me!!!! Which is hilarious because I've never met any of them until last night. They were like, "NESSA!" "OH, I KNOW YOU!" "FINALLY WE MEET"
I was like, "Huh!"
AHAHAHA!! It was AMAZING!!! I have pictures, but I'll post them in a couple of hours.

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