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on January 31, 2009 - 7:12pm

My sister just won't get off my back about how I never hang out with my friends.

My sister has to have at least 10 best friends at her school, I don't really have that "Best Friend". Don't get me wrong, I have close friends, but they all have best friends that aren't me. Ever since freshman year of high school ( or August 2007) I haven't had that best friend. My friends from eighth grade all went to Naperville Central. I go to Naperville North. I haven't really kept in touch with anyone because they all have different friends now and things are not what they were.

And everyday, my sister is telling me how one of her friends wants her to go to the movies or go to them mall or go bowling and I mean EVERY DAY. its so annoying. Then when I tell her she should hang out with us (my family) shes like "i don't have to and just because you never hang out with your friends doesn't mean I shouldn't."

What really got me possed to day was how she she said that in a snobbish mocking voice, how I'm only going to have a couple of friends at my party and how its going to be small. Then she focuses on what her 16th birthday is going to be like. SHE IS 13 YEARS OLD AND SHES NOT TURNING 16 FOR 3 YEARS!!!! My birthday is in a month and 24 days (March 24) and she focuses on herself.

And what makes matter worse, it is still cold here and I'm not going anywhere warm any time soon.

Now I have to go to bed (yes this early) because my dad doesn't think I'm well.

Have awesome Josh dreams. Only 7-8 months till his next album.


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