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it's February...already?

Wills's picture
on February 3, 2009 - 1:24pm

Hello from the fringe...
Been a long time since I've posted anything...sorry for that. It's been a very hectic January (and now February). Lots of changes here at work and home. Lots of things going on. Including truck problems again. Crossing my fingers for lotto so I can get that jazzy little PT Cruiser I love. LOL...yeah, like that's going to happen. Received a Christmas card the other day...very nice surprise. I don't care if it was in January...someone is still thinking of me, so that was very nice. Missed the live chat with Joshua. Everyone seemed thrilled. So, next time Josh ok. Let me know in advance okay, yeah ROFL You can have my number...feel free to call anytime 'k.
Just wanted to check in with y'all. Hope you win the Grammy Josh...I'm wishing on every little star I see.

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