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on February 4, 2009 - 9:27pm

I finished the Health Ed HW for this week. Thursday night, I work from 6-10pm. I usually don't work weekdays, but there's a reason. I'm not working this Sunday....why? you ask?
Well...IT'S GRAMMY NIGHT! NO! I'm not missing work so I can sit at home and watch them on t.v.
I'll be going to the red carpet event with some of the SoCal Grobies. We had a sign made that says JOSH GROBAN YOU ARE LOVED.
Josh's category that he's nominated in is not going to be televised. The non-televised categories are announced at the LA Convention Center at 12pm and you can see them live online. I'll be out there to see if I can spot Josh and wish him Good Luck before the announcements. (probably won't happen, but still).
I'm excited! I'm hoping that he sees our banner. We're not expecting him to walk towards us and say 'hi' we just want him to see the sign and see that we support him (of course, by that time we would have known if he's won or not). SEND ME GOOD JOSH WISHES!

Oooo, I'm watching Katy Perry on the Grammy Special and I found out how Josh ended up friends with her a bit before she was HUGE with 'I kissed a girl" Glan Ballard! That's it!

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