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It's been a while

EggyPa14's picture
on February 5, 2009 - 9:11pm

Haven't been on in a while so here's the update... my mom was home for about a week and just got worse so we took her back to the hospital on Monday and they found out she has an infection in her stomach. So they drained some fluid and are pumping antibiotics into her. She can't eat now because they think that she may have a hole in her intestines. She is very moody and depressed and a little scared. The doctor who did the surgery is on vacation so she keeps getting different doctors everyday. Never a dull moment...

I was able to get out all last weekend on Friday I went to my best friend’s show that he directed and then Saturday I found out I can ice skate. It was the first time I’ve been skating since I was like 11. And it was in doors so that was good. And then I had off Sunday and Monday but then worked everyday this week. Which is ok on a normal schedule but having to run from work, to home, to make dinner, help my youngest brother with homework get done whatever I need to and the go to the hospital stay there till like 10 and then come home go to bed and do it over again is very tiresome. I CAN NOT WAIT TILL THIS WEEKEND. My dad is off on the weekends so I can go out. My plans so far are to go see Fanboys tomorrow night, and then Saturday to go to my friend’s party.

That's all for now... night

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