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Could my luck be changing?

jginsodak's picture
on February 6, 2009 - 1:57pm

Only time will tell, but I did get good news about my knee from the doc yesterday. Nothing torn! I just need to give it some time to heal. He gave me a hinged knee brace so I can work on getting back the flexibility. I should be ready to hit the golf course come spring!

No big plans for the weekend--might take in a movie. Other than that, I'll just look forward to seeing Josh on Sunday night. Have a great weekend!

Clarification: I must have damaged a little something in my knee to make it swell up like it did; however, none of the major tendons or ligaments were torn. My knee is weak so I probably stretched the ligaments, or whatever, so I just need to strengthen them up again so I can ditch this crazy brace. Thanks for your concern and well wishes. It's coming along, slow but sure.

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