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When I Met Josh!

Ane's picture
on February 7, 2009 - 2:45pm

Just wanted to get some thoughts down on paper :-) its the stories about when I met Josh Groban :-) Enjoy!
I`ve been so lucky and met Josh two times. The first time was in concert, at
the Awake tour. Have you seen the tour on dvd? At one of the songs,In Her Eyes, he walks
in the audience.
I remember that so well. Hehe, it was kind of funny¡Kbecause, I was sitting
and with my mother, my twinsister and her boyfriend. It was only music playing
on the scene so I thought that maybe Josh was backstage changing his clothes
or something and that he`ll be back very soon. Suddenly it was a lot of
guards and police and other people very near to us. But, of some reason I
didn¡¦t think much about that. I had to concentrate on the stage! I didn¡¦t
want to miss anything of the show with Josh hehe. And then, I almost got
angry, because there was a group of people stopping right in front of me, so I
couldnt see the stage!! Grrrrr¡:-) But, after some seconds I realized
that it actually was Josh, himself standing in front of me, reaching out his
hand. I wasnt even the first to reach out my hand to touch him! He wanted to
say Hi to me!! I almost fainted and could not stop crying afterwards. I was
the only one he reached out to meet at the whole row I was sitting on! Can you
The second time was at cd signing for the cd Noel. I just found out the night
before that he was here, so I cancelled all of my plans that the just to meet
him there.
And was so great! Because, when I met him in concert, I was so sad not to get
the chance to tell him what the music means to me. The music, itself, is very
special to me because of my cousin that listened to Josh so much, when he was
sick, and later he died of cancer, only 20 years old. So, Josh`s music has
helped me through this. And this, I wanted to tell Josh.
When I met him at the CD signing, I got to tell him. A lot of people was
waiting behind me, but I got two CD`s signed, a picture taken and I got to
tell him what the music means to me.
When I told him that I wanted to tell him something, he stopped signing the
CDs and looked me in the eyes and really listened to me and what I had to say. He even thanked me afterwards and said it meant a lot to him that I told
him. He is so down to earth!!

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